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An Important Tip for Hoof Care

It’s pretty common for a horse owner to think that cleaning out a horse’s foot is the job of a good farrier. But doing this regularly can prevent a number of common hoof problems. Adding a rider’s weight to a horse with rocks and such stuck in its hooves, for example, can cause undue stress on the horse and trigger injuries. So we thought we’d share a few things about when to do this, and give you a glimpse into what we do with our own horses.

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Why Board Your Horse?

We offer grass turnout.

If you own a horse or are thinking of purchasing a horse for pleasure riding or competition, there are several major decisions you have to make. One of them is whether you will keep the horse on your own property or board it at another location.

Some reasons for choosing to board horses are simple--some horse owners love their horses, but live in a city or part of town that does not allow them to keep a horse on their property. There are many horse lovers who just don't have the option to care for their horse at home. However, some people do have the land to take care of the horse, but still face the decision: home care or boarding?

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Horseback Riding Basics: Pick a Horse for Your Riding Style

Different horses excel at different riding styles

If you have wanted to start horseback riding as a hobby or for competition, or if you want to begin a new style of horseback riding, it's important that you have the right kind of horse. Some of this depends on the breed—you wouldn't expect a working draft horse to be a great jumper for show jumping—but much of this also depends on the horse's training.

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A Horse of a Different Color

Forest View Farms is home to many white horses, including one that is descended from the horse that played Silver, the famed Lone Ranger's horse in the original Lone Ranger series. While Silver is one of the more famous white horses in cinema, did you know that white horses were also featured in The Wizard of Oz? You may not have realized, because none of them looked white.

If you've ever watched The Wizard of Oz, you may remember the "Horse of a Different Color" scene. Throughout the scene, the horse pulling the carriage changes into bright colors, like purple, green, and yellow.

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