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A Horse of a Different Color

Forest View Farms is home to many white horses, including one that is descended from the horse that played Silver, the famed Lone Ranger's horse in the original Lone Ranger series. While Silver is one of the more famous white horses in cinema, did you know that white horses were also featured in The Wizard of Oz? You may not have realized, because none of them looked white.

If you've ever watched The Wizard of Oz, you may remember the "Horse of a Different Color" scene. Throughout the scene, the horse pulling the carriage changes into bright colors, like purple, green, and yellow.


But how did they make the horses change colors? The bright colors show up more easily on white horses, so the filmmakers had several white horses and dyed their coats with colored gelatin powder. That's right, the stuff we use to make Jell-O. The horses, however, realized the powder tasted good, and would try to lick it off themselves between takes.

We don't put gelatin on our white horses, but we do think they are star-worthy. Visit Forest View Farms to see our beautiful horses, and schedule a sleigh ride or trail ride to enjoy these majestic animals up close.

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