Let's Go
Horseback Riding


Forest View Farms offers Western-style riding classes for riders 8 years of age and older, beginners through advanced.

Students between the age of 5 to 7 are eligible for pony lessons.

Western riding is recommended for people who want a comfortable riding experience. The Western saddle offers more comfort than the English saddle, and Western riding only requires the use of one hand on the reins. If you aren't sure which riding style you should try, contact us and we can help you determine which riding style is better suited to your interests.

Lesson Price List

All lessons are by appointment only.

  • Group lessons / 50 mins  $32.00
  • Group jump / 50 mins  $35.00
  • 30-minute private lesson  $40.00
  • 60-minute private lesson  $70.00
  • Semi-private (2 or more) / 50 mins  $55.00
  • Semi-private (2 or more) / 30 mins  $35.00

Packages available

  • Package of 11 group lessons - $320.00
  • Package of 5 group lessons - $150.00
  • Package of 11 jump lessons - $350.00
  • Package of 5 jump lessons - $165.00
  • Packages also available for private and semi-private lessons. 

Helmets are required for all classes (rentals available)

**Prices and rates are subject to change without notice**
**Forest View Farms is fully insured**